ann conneman


I fell in love with letterforms when I was a little girl—I was a voracious reader and became fascinated with their distinct personalities. I remember writing my name and imagining it was a caterpillar... the a was the head; the n’s were legs carrying it across the paper. I proudly obsessed over my cursive writing and crafted my own books (including a very fancy date book for my Barbie doll, and an autograph book my thrifty Swiss mother helped me construct from parts of a chocolate box and knitting yarn). 

My affection for letters is still present in everything I make, from inscriptions carved in stone to a seemingly endless series of alphabet books.

I graduated from RISD with a BFA in Graphic Design. During my time there, I was introduced to letterpress printing, papermaking, bookbinding, and lettercarving—crafts that bring together my love for typography, design, and the creation of handmade objects. I went on to study bookbinding in the full-time two year program at the North Bennet Street School in Boston. My books feature drawings, block cuts, and stories that I create and bind.

My primary focus is brush-drawn lettering, which I often carve into stone by hand with a mallet and chisel. Brush-drawn letters possess a lovely fluidity and expressiveness, and the strike of the mallet is visible in the finely textured surfaces of the v-cut letterforms. It is slow, meditative work with a timeless, incredibly rewarding end result.  

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